April 13, 2021
Chin News

Passport office opened in Chin State

04 January 2014: A new office branch responsible for issuing a Burmese passport has been opened in Hakha, Chin State this year.

The official ceremony to launch the ‘Myanmar Passport Issuing Office (Section)’ was held in the Chin capital yesterday, according to a government source.

Captain San Oo, Police Officer-in-Charge, said that the application would cost 25,000 Kyats and that it would take about 10 days to get a passport issued.

He also said that the new office branch would provide the best services ‘for the convenience of the local people.”

The aim is to help reduce the cost of accommodation, food and travel as residents in Chin State previously had to travel to Mandalay or Rangoon to get their passports.

In July last year, a new ‘passport issuing office’ was established in Mandalay, Rangoon having been the only place where citizens could apply for their passports.

The announcement in March last year by the Passport Office said that the number of pages in the application form had been cut down from 14 to 5 pages and that it would take only 10 days from the date of making an application.#

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