April 13, 2021
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Chin Chief Minister urged to move pagoda construction site

22 March 2014: Over 130 residents in Sami town, Paletwa Township, Chin  State are reiterating their call on the Chin government to change the location of a Buddhist pagoda being built in the centre of a reserved area.

They sent another appeal letter to Chief Minister Hung Ngai last Wednesday, urging him to stop the construction in an area planned for an extension of No. 2 Ward.

A local leader reported to the Chin Human Rights Organization (CHRO) that they are not opposed to building a Buddhist pagoda, highlighting: “We are only requesting the authorities to change the construction site.”

He also said that the initial plan agreed by community leaders, town-elders and government officials was to build houses and government departments in the new ward.

He added that they were not informed of any preparation for the pagoda construction, which seems to have begun late December last year.

The leaders had met with Han Win Aung, Paletwa Township General Administration Head, regarding the issue.

“He [Han Win Aung] blandly told us that there is no problem with the current location,” said the leader.

The second letter was sent to the Chief Minister as he hadn’t made any response to the first sent on 10 February 2014.#

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