April 11, 2021

In pictures: landslides and floods in Mindat Township

02 August 2015 — At least seven bridges have been destroyed by floods in Mindat township, Chin State.

1. Chi river bridge (90 feet long x 12 feet wide) on Mindat-Kanpetlet road
2. Mung river bridge (170ft x 12ft) between Shit and Tili villages
3. Amlaung river bridge (18ft x 4ft) between Pan-awh and Hlu-yaw villages
4. Ma-shing-laung river bridge (80ft x 4ft) between Cia-lay-hlaing and Dumdu villages
5. Ma-hle-laung bridge (18ft x 4ft) between Chut and Tilaung villages
6. Yaw river bridge (35ft x 4ft) between Ciat-uh-tin and San-lay-ci villages
7. Chi river bridge (120ft x 4ft) between Kanpetlet town and Pu-kun village

Photo: Maung Maung/Mindat District Information Department

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