April 13, 2021

Pictures of ‘Khuado’ Celebration in Singapore

19 October 2011: The Chin Christian Fellowship in Singapore celebrated a Chin traditional festival ‘khuado’ in a combined worship service last Sunday, with more than 230 people in attendance.

The Chin festival, which is called differently in sub-tribal dialects such as Fang-er in Falam, Thlaithar Tho in Hakha, K’thai Ei in Mindat and Kanpetlet, On Hu Saung Thar Ei in Asho, Taai Chai Nai in Paletwa, Cangzom in Matupi, Khai M’Deh in Dai and Kuut in Thado, Kuki and Mizo.

Established on 20 February 1995, the Chin Christian Fellowship in Singapore is an umbrella organisation of nine entities such as Church Of Singapore (COS), Elim Myanmar Christian Fellowship (EMCF), Haleluiah International Church (HIC), Falam Christian Fellowship (FCF), Full Gospel Assembly (FGA), Lai Christian Fellowship (LCF), Mara Evengelical Church (MEC), Mizo Christian Fellowship (MCF) and Zomi Innkuan Singapore (ZIS).

It is estimated that there are about 1,500 Chin people currently living in Singapore.

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