April 12, 2021
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Hakha coach services stop as landslides continue

30 July 2015 — Coach and minibus services in Hakha, Chin State have been suspended for three days following landslides caused by heavy rains.

The shuttle from Hakha to Mandalay, Mandalay Region and Kalay, Sagaing Region has come to a standstill as landslides destroy roads.

Pa Mawng, a Hakha passenger travelling towards Mandalay, told the Chinland Guardian: “Just over about 20 miles from Hakha, landslides swept away the road. We couldn’t continue our journey so we went back to Hakha.”

Sources said that at least ten vehicles had been stranded between Zokhua and Ruavan villages on the Hakha-Mandalay road.

Salai Ling, a Hakha resident travelling from Kalay town, Sagaing Region, said that their minibus couldn’t move on as the road had been completely lost and that he had had to rent a motorbike to continue his journey.

The Taungzalat bus company said that they had to stop providing services until the roads were made safe enough for them to take passengers on.

Mai Sui, from Hakha, said: “It is still heavily raining. Landslides continue to happen in the town and nearby villages. We hear news that many roads are destroyed across Chin State.”

She said that a lot of people were afraid their houses would be taken away by landslides, especially during the night.#

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