April 14, 2021
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Authorities order Christian pastor to stop construction

07 July 2015 — The authorities in Yesagyo, Magwe Region issued a letter to the Chin Christian pastor on 29 June, ordering him to stop construction of a building on his compound.

Rev. Zun Hlei Sum told the Chinland Guardian that he had received the letter from the Yesagyo Municipal Department and that he had been told to immediately halt the construction.

The letter, signed by U Myint Han, an officer of the Yesagyo Municipal Department, warned that action would be taken if he didn’t stop the construction as instructed, according to the pastor.

Sum said that he had just been arranging the house, under construction, in preparation for a Christian meeting to be held in his compound next week.

Late last month, some residents threw stones at his building, threatening the Chin Christian family.

Sum said that he had learned they were Buddhists who had not been happy with the court’s decision last year.

In May 2014, the Yesagyo Township Criminal Court had dropped charges against the Chin pastor.

He said that the Ma-Ba-Tha (Race, Language, Religion) committee members had also got involved, behind the scenes, in organizing the attacks.

“I have reported the cases to the police and ward administration authorities following the first incident on 22 June. But they haven’t come to see us yet,” Sum added.#

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