April 13, 2021
Chin News

Colleges, training school to be built in Hakha

24 February 2015 — President Thein Sein has allowed construction of two new colleges and one midwife training school in the capital of Chin State.

Pu Siang Mang, chairman of the Hakha Elders, said in the Hakha Post that they had been informed of the good news in a meeting held at the State government building on 21 February.

Union Minister Soe Thein, of the President’s Office, broke the news on behalf of the president, saying that they had made positive responses to the proposals submitted by the elders during Thein Sein’s visit in 2012.

The Hakha elders together with Chief Minister Hung Ngai and State ministers are soon to find locations for construction of an arts and science college, a college for training teachers and a midwife training school.

A State minister told the Chinland Guardian that construction of the arts and science college would start in the near future as a necessary budget had been allocated.

But works on plan for the other two were still in the initial state and would take time to actually start the project, according to the Chin minister.#

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