April 13, 2021
Chin News

Dead body found near Hakha

05 July 2015 — A dead body identified as Nyi Lay, a male Burman road worker, was found near the Hakha-Gangaw road, about 7 miles away from Hakha, Chin State.

The Hakha police said that the body had been wrapped up in plastic and dumped in a bush, about 30 feet away from a temporary shelter built by road workers.

Pu Khen Hrang, from the Hakha Police Force, said in the Hakha Post: “It was found on 3 July as the area was full of a rotten smell.”

According to the investigation, Nyi Lay and his friends were drinking alcohol at the shelter on 26 June.

The police said that he had disappeared the same day although his friends had still been seen around at night.

“The next day, his friends were not around any more. They were believed to have run away,” said Hrang.

The body was taken to the Hakha General Hospital for a post-mortem.

The police are still conducting their investigations into the incident.#

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