April 14, 2021
Chin News

Govt officials take bribes from job applicants

04 July 2015 — The authorities in Chin State are criticized for taking bribes from interviewees who were looking for jobs in government departments.

Heads of the Hakha District and Thantlang general administration departments were accused of accepting bribes from the applicants.

An applicant from Thantlang Township said on condition of anonymity: “I learned from other applicants that money was required to get a job. So, I tried to find the money which was actually more than our family could afford, and gave it to the interviewer.”

The applicant said that they had heard the interviewees who had been able to pay more would be given the job.

Another applicant said that they had wanted the job and that they had offered the money, adding: “The authorities might say they didn’t demand it. But the fact that bribery is accepted is a big issue.”

The authorities were also slammed for making applicants wait hours for the job interviews.

“We were informed we needed to get to the office at 9am. We didn’t get interviewed until 3pm and were told to come back the next day,” complained the applicant.#

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