April 13, 2021
Chin News

Hakha police demand money for free letter

17 June 2015 — The Hakha Township Police Force has been accused of demanding money for issuing a ‘police clearance letter’ to the people.

Job applicants who are required to obtain the letter said that they had to pay a certain amount of money to the police officers for what was supposed to be free of charge.

Mai C, who wants to remain anonymous, told the Chinland Guardian: “My friend and I went to the police office to get the letter. When we asked them how much it cost, they didn’t tell us it was free.”

“Instead, they said it was up to how much we could contribute,” said the 18-year-old who wanted to apply for a government job in Hakha.

A Hakha university student said that she had been asked for tea money just before being handed the letter.

The Township Police Office didn’t comment.#

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