April 12, 2021
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Chin university student died after knife attack in Delhi

03 June 2015 – A Chin student studying political science at Delhi University died at the Mata Chanan Devi Hospital around 6am today after being stabbed in the stomach at night yesterday.

Chuah Ceu, 28, was knifed in an unprovoked attack by an unknown South Asian while he was taking a walk in his neighborhood with his two friends, Sang Duh and Khamh Bawi, who were a few yards ahead of him.

Duh, in his late twenties, told the Chin Human Rights Organization that Ceu had been lagging behind them around 11:30pm while Bawi and he had been talking as they had walked.

“All of a sudden, we heard Ceu shouting ‘I am attacked’. We turned around and saw he was sitting alone on the road pressing his right rib. We just thought he was pulling our leg.”

Bawi saw a man near Ceu running away from them and shouted at him in Hindi to stop. “Bawi ran after him but lost him when he turned right in the dark,” said Duh.

“As Ceu was lying on the ground, I checked his head first but didn’t see any injuries. When I opened his shirt, it was bleeding profusely and I saw what I thought were his intestines. I was shocked and did not what to do at first. I told Bawi to carry him while I was rushing to get a taxi.”

Around midnight, Ceu was taken to an emergency room at the Mata Chanan Devi Hospital. Duh said that the doctor had told them the victim had needed surgery right away.

Following the operation, the doctor said that the victim’s intestines had been sliced from two places, that his liver had also been cut and that he had been in a critical condition.

The hospital reported the case to police once the victim was admitted.

The president of the Chin Refugee Committee told the CHRO: “We had waited for the police to come to the hospital till 4:00am. The secretary of the Hakha community in Delhi also dialed the police helpline but no luck.”

He said that the police eventually had shown up around 7:00 am and started an investigation.

“We are not safe in Delhi and there is no one to help us while we are dying although they hear our voices and cries,” said the president. “We waited for the Delhi police with so much hope but there was no police to help Burmese refugees.”

“It is hate crime that we are most afraid of and we are worried about our security as we are not sure if we will still face the consequences of this case. This crime is committed so smoothly by an expert criminal due to hatred and this is the most heinous crime we, refugees from Burma, have ever faced by in New Delhi,” said CRC’s president.

Chuah Ceu, son of Tha Ling and Iang Nawn, from Hriphi village, Thantlang Township, Chin State, is a second-year student of a Bachelor of Political Science.#

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