April 14, 2021
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Daai history book to be published

25 April 2015 — A new book written in Burmese about the history of the Daai, also spelt Dai, a Chin tribe, is to be published before the end of this month.

Rev. Dr. James Kum Hlui, author of the book entitled ‘Dai (Chin) History’, had said that it would be available for purchase in April.

Speaking about the purpose of the book, he said that it was a collection of Daai culture, tradition and custom, designed to protect the people group from diminishing and that he wanted it to become a source of reference to future generations.

He added that he had started collecting materials and writing the book in 1985.

The 228-page book is divided into six sections with 39 chapters.

Based in Matupi, Chin State, Rev. Dr. Kum Hlui is founder of the Dai Evangelical Church in Burma.

Other historical and cultural books relating to the Dai in Burmese were published by Pu Mnai Sen, pennamed Nga Chin Pyan, in 2013 and by Rev. Mar Ling in 2014.  

Daai is one of the Chin tribal groups mostly living in southern parts of Chin State including Matupi, Mindat, Paletwa and Kanpetlet.#

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