April 13, 2021
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CND celebration officially allowed at Kalay Univ

16 February 2015 — The authorities in Kalay, Sagaing Region, has officially allowed a celebration of Chin National Day within the compound of the Kalay University.

Chin student leaders expressed feelings of great joy as they would be able to hold the historic event that had been banned for years.

Singsian Zun Lian, secretary of the Chin Literature and Cultural Committee (Universities-Kalay), told the Chinland Post: “In the past, we didn’t get permission to hold the event on campus. Now that we are granted permission, we plan to organize it on a grand scale.”

Salai Ngun Lian Sang, a university student leader, said that they all were pleased to hear about permission being granted after nine years.

The celebration marking the 67th anniversary of Chin National Day will be jointly held by Chin students from different universities in Kalay.#

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