April 13, 2021
Chin News

Govt refuses permission for CNF training

07 February 2015 — The government of Chin State did not grant permission applied for holding training in democracy and federalism in Hakha.

Liaison offices of the Chin National Front submitted the application on 22 January to Chief Minister Hung Ngai and responsible departments.

The next day, the CNF received a refusal letter saying it was turned down on the ground that training related to politics and political parties was not allowed, according to the Chinland Post.

A training coordinator was quoted as saying that the government still refused although they made their second attempt.

He indicated that the chief minister did not allow foreigners to participate in the training as the requested speaker was from abroad.

“The chief minister told us not to hold any training before the 2015 general elections,” he added.

Last Thursday, Hung Ngai said that permission had to be obtained from the central government for a foreigner to speak at a public event.

The coordinator said that the CNF had organized such training in nine towns across Chin State between 8 October and 10 December 2014.#

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