April 13, 2021
Chin News

Killer of 20-yr-old Chin in Canadian police custody

02 October 2013: A man who stabbed Thang Sian Mang, 20, aka Mang Mang, to death in North Battleford, Canada last Sunday has been arrested by police.

Police had revealed his name as Nicholas Clifford Giroux, and according to the CBC news, he is now accused of second degree murder following his first appearance at court in Saskatoon.

Mang Mang, son of Nang Go Sum and Zo Kham Nuam, originally from Chin State, Burma, was found with ‘multiple stab wounds’ in a hotel room on Monday morning and pronounced dead on the way to hospital.

One of his friends was hospitalized with injuries.

Mr. Giroux, who is also charged with other violent assaults, is scheduled to appear in court on Friday.

A funeral service for the Chin victim will take place at Westgate Alliance Church in Saskatoon this Friday, 4 October.#

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