April 12, 2021
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Community build bridge in Tedim township as govt take no action

12 July 2016 — Residents in Kimlai, Tedim Township constructed a new bridge on their own initiative as the State government have not made responses to their requests.

Villager Mang Za Khup said in the Chinland Post that they had written to the Chin State government twice since July last year regarding the reconstruction of the bridge, which was swept away by the 2015 flooding.

“As we didn’t receive any replies from the authorities, we made a concerted effort to build the bridge with labour and financial contributions from families. The construction cost 4,500,000 kyats,” he said.

He said that the contribution of 50,000 kyats by each family did not include the expenses for labour and wood used for the bridge.

Villagers expressed their disappointment with the State government as their hope that the much needed bridge construction would have been part of their 100-day plans did not prove true.

They said that they had raised the issue to both the Township and State authorities so it could be incorporated into the ‘grace period’ plan, which ended last week.

Villagers said that they had received humanitarian assistance from the Wai Lu Kyaw foundation following the floods last year.

There are about 130 households in Kimlai village.#

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