April 12, 2021

Three Burmese killed in Malaysia

PENANG, MALAYSIA, 12 July 2016 – Three Burmese nationals, including a refugee card holder, were killed mercilessly while another heavily injured in an attack in Penang, a northern state in Malaysia.

The latest killing in the Muslim-majority country immediately sparked fears among migrant workers from Burma who relate the incident with racial tension in their home country where two mosques were razed in Kachin state and Bago division in early July and late June.

According to China Press, a Malaysian daily, the four victims, factory workers aged 24 to 33, were attacked fiercely at early morning on Monday. The body of one victim was found with the head almost chopped off.

Two identified victims, Naing Win, 28, and Kyaw Hoe, 33, were found half-naked with their longyi in a pool of blood at the porch of a double-storey house, which was used as a hostel for 17 factory workers.

The two were reported being attacked while they were bathing at the porch, and preparing to go to work after a short break from the Aidilfitri public holidays.

The body of the third victim, who was not a resident in the hostel, was found next door. The fourth victim sustained rib and hand injuries and was sent for treatment.

Malaysian police said the killings were linked to a quarrel but needed further investigation to hunt the murderers.

Police were looking for eight suspects who fled the scene in four motorcycles.

“Victims were found with injuries believed to be caused by sharp weapons. However, no weapon was found,” said a police officer. – Reporting by Thomas Chong

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