April 14, 2021
Chin News

Protest against order to remove Hakha cross postponed

28 January 2015 — Schedules for peaceful protests against the government’s order to remove the Christian cross in Hakha have been postponed to Monday and Tuesday next week.

The Hakha Township Police Force said that the dates requested – 29 and 30 January – were not granted as they coincided with an important government meeting.

A government source said that Union minister of Co-operatives, Kyaw San, retired Brigadier General and former minister of Information and Culture, is arriving in Hakha this week.

Instead, permission was granted to hold protests on Sunday and Monday.

Sui Sung, an event organising committee member, said: “We re-applied for permission to march on Monday and Tuesday as we have to go to church on Sunday. So, it was granted.”

Meanwhile, Chief Minister Hung Ngai is organizing a public gathering at the Town Hall in Hakha tomorrow to speak about the situation concerning the Christian cross.#

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