April 13, 2021

Statement of the 3rd Meeting of Chin Journalist Network

Statement of the 3rd Meeting of Chin Journalist Network
Hakha, Chin State
27 May 2014


The meeting of the 3rd Chin Journalist Network was successfully held between May 21 to 27, 2014 in Hakha, Chin State.

The meeting was attended by representatives from various stakeholders, including the Speaker of the Chin State Parliament, Chin State Minister for Budget and Revenues U Nang Za Hmung, Chin State Minister for Forestry and Mining, Department of Information, the Election Commission, the United Nations Development Programme in Chin State, special invitees and over 70 journalists from 23 media organizations working in different parts of Chin State and Myanmar.

The meeting:

  1. Agreed on steps to carry out further cooperation to help solve ongoing problems faced by the Chin public within Chin State, improve cooperation to resolve weaknesses in regards to communications between the media and the Chin State Government and the various departments, as well as the relation between the media and the Legislative Judiciary, Executive branches of government.
  2. Urged the Union Government to step up efforts to encourage the production of ethic media and to recognize the rights of ethnic nationalities to publish in their languages when enacting laws on media freedom.
  3. Agreed that the government and contractors, when it comes to environmental preservation, have the obligation to share information to the public through the media with regards to development projects in Chin State with transparency, including with regards to extractive industries.
  4. Deeply believes in the need to have a federal form of union in order for the ethnic nationalities to have genuine equality and freedom of expression, following a thorough deliberation on the subjects of the current peace process in Myanmar and the need to revise the 2008 Constitution.
  5. Agreed on basic principles regarding journalistic ethics, as well as the need to promote gender equality, Chin literature and culture and research with the view of preserving the Chin culture. Furthermore, it is agreed, as core principle, to promote reciprocal recognition within the Chin media groups to practice utmost journalistic ethics and freedom of expression in line with democratic principles.
  6. Decided to conduct various trainings including capacity-building trainings within the various Chin media organizations, financial management workshops and other trainings for the various media organizations
  7. Established the Chin Media Network by attendees of the meeting having agreed on improving the quality of the information and cooperation amongst the various Chin media organizations.
  8. Deeply demands that the Government implement media freedom, access to information and freedom of expression.
  9. Agrees to have an all-inclusive ethnic media organization, in order to promote the role of ethnic media in the country.
  10. The statement and decisions of the Chin Journalist Conference, including the responsibilities will be declared and implemented by the participating media organizations.#

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