April 18, 2021

Western Union operates in Chin State

Hakha, 12 June 2014 – The Western Union has started providing its first money transfer services in Hakha, Chin State since late last month.

The new franchise functions in the capital as the only global financial service provider run by the Co-operative Bank Ltd., better known as CB Bank.

Pu H. Bik, a Hakha resident, said: “My brother sent me money from the US through Western Union and within a few minutes, I was able to receive the money from the bank [CB Bank].”

He also said that he had got to present his National Registration card and the WU reference number to the bank for the process, and that he had not had to pay for the service.

The WU service has been available to customers in Hakha weeks before the official opening of the private bank late last month.

A CB Bank staff member in Hakha told Chinland Guardian: “Many people have used the service to receive money sent from abroad and they are happy with it.”

When asked about sending money from Chin State, he said: “We haven’t got the service to transfer money to other countries.”

Meanwhile, privately owned Kanbawza Bank said it would introduce a WU service in Falam, another town over 40 miles away from Hakha, in the near future.

The new Falam bank branch, which is expected to open in July this year, would provide WU services following its official inauguration, according to local media reports.#

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