April 12, 2021
Chin News

Time-bomb explodes in Tedim, no casualties reported

28 March 2014: An explosive device, believed to be a time-bomb, went off in front of the Chin National Front liaison office in Tedim town, Chin State yesterday.

The blast took place around 8:30pm last night, causing some damage to the walls and windows of the CNF office but no injuries and casualties have been reported.

A Tedim resident told the Chinland Post that some windows were broken and walls affected but no one was killed or hurt.

Information as to who is responsible and the reason behind the explosion remains unknown.

However, there has been speculation that the incident might be a warning sign expressed in connection with the identity issues over the use of ‘Zomi’ and ‘Chin’ as the explosion occurred just two days ahead of the nationwide census taking.

Police and intelligence are conducting an investigation, according to local sources.#

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