April 13, 2021
Chin News

Two women arrested in connection with illegal drugs

08 January 2015 – Two Chin women are kept in police custody in Hakha after police found packages of illegal drugs in their respective houses last week.

Police from both State and Hakha Township Police Forces seized a total of 390,000 pseudo-ephedrine tablets in Hakha, and some stimulants as well as explosive devices in Thantlang.

Superintendent Khen Hrang, of the Hakha Township Police Force, told The Chinland Post that they had got information about the drugs and raided the houses.

He said: “A thorough investigation has been conducted in regards to the cases. The final results can be officially announced only after the court’s decision.”

Another person has also been taken into police custody on suspicion of getting involved in transporting the goods.

The cases continue.#

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