April 13, 2021
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Chin communities grieved over four deaths in USA

05 September 2013: Recent incidents claiming the lives of four Chins within three days have saddened communities across USA.

Sang Hup, originally from Lungtar village in Hakha Township of Chin State, died after allegedly drowning in the White River in Indianapolis last Saturday.

Body of the 35-year-old Chin was found around 6pm on Monday near the 4300 block of West Southport Road, according to WISHTV.com.

Sources said he went missing while fishing with friends on Saturday.

The Marion Country coroner’s office said the cause and manner of his death remain pending, according to 14news.com.

Similarly, another incident left Thang Cung, originally from Congthia village, Thantlang Township, dead after drowning while fishing in Kansas City last Saturday.

Pu Van Mawng Kio, 54, died in an accident after being hit by a vehicle around 10pm last Sunday while taking a walk in Indianapolis, Indiana State.

Last Monday, Mang Er passed away from cancer in Washington DC.  

Funeral services for Van Mawng Kio and Sang Hup will take place at the Round Hill cemetery in Indianapolis on 7 September 2013.

Majority of Chin population estimated to be over 8,000 in Indianapolis, USA are refugees resettled into the States from Malaysia, India and Thailand after having fled their native places in Chin State, Burma.#

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