April 13, 2021
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Woman arrested on suspicion of burning down house in Hakha

18 March 2014: Dar Hniang, daughter of Za Hnun and Hnem Thai, has been arrested by police in Hakha on suspicion of setting fire to her family’s house in the evening of last Sunday.

The alcoholic mother of two, believed to have started the fire in their house with candles, is likely to be given a prison sentence of up to ten years, if charged, according to local media reports.

Her parents were quoted as saying that she had often threatened them that she would burn down the house, adding: “Last Friday, her mother requested the Hakha police to keep her daughter in custody in fear that she might do something unnecessarily terrible.”

It is claimed that she committed this crime before the police were able to act, the delay being due to the requirement for an authorized arrest warrant from the ward administrator.

No casualties were reported, although not a single the possession of the two families living in the two-storey wooden house was salvaged as the latter was completely gutted.#

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