April 11, 2021
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Ten Chin youths arrested in Indianapolis

07 March 2014: Police have placed a group of ten Chin youths aged between 13 and 19 under house arrest on suspicion of getting involved in criminal activities in Indianapolis, Indiana State, USA.

They were arrested at the end of classes in their middle and high schools in the evening last Monday.

Sources from Indianapolis-based Chin communities said that police are monitoring them at home following their first appearance in court.

It is also confirmed that they have been expelled from their schools for this academic year.

Van Ceu Uk, one of the Chin community leaders in Indianapolis, told Chinland Guardian that they were deeply concerned about the issue and that they had to take serious action within the community.

“Both Chin community and church leaders plan to meet together and discuss what can be done soon to combat this matter. We are also thinking about talking to police and government officials concerned,” added Uk.

The Chin youths are scheduled to re-appear in court as the investigation continues.

Indianapolis is currently home to an estimated 10,000 Chins, most of them being resettled as refugees from Malaysia and India under the UNHCR resettlement programme.

Early last month, Chin families were attacked with guns in separate incidents, leaving two injured in Indianapolis.#

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