April 17, 2021
Chin News

Two killed by mudslide in Hakha township

24 August 2013: Pu Ngun Khar and his wife lost their lives while attempting to rescue a local woman who got stuck in mud caused by landslides in Hakha Township, Chin State.

The incident took place last Tuesday near Nganva river between Lungkhing and Lungraang villages while they were their way home from their farms, according to the Hakha Post.

Pu Ngun Khar got stuck as he helped the woman out and was carried away by mud flow down the hill.

“His wife jumped straight away to get hold of her husband and was swept away too,” the rescued woman was quoted as saying.

The villagers later found the bodies of Mr and Mrs Ngun Khar in the mud after the woman informed them of the incident.

A continuous downpour of heavy rains over the past weeks in most parts of Chin State has caused landslides, destroying roads and bridges as well as buildings.#

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