April 12, 2021
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Chin athletes disappointed over selection process for SEA Games

10 December 2013: Boxer Mai Nelly Bawi Nei Sin and wrestler Salai Van Ni said that they were not satisfied with the selection process of their teams for the 27th SEA Games held in Burma.

They complained they were informed that they were not on the ‘selected’ name lists only one day before the games commenced.

Gold Medalist Mai Nelly said in the Chin World Media that the reason she was told that she was excluded from the list was because her chance of winning in her weight titles stood too slim as contestants from all the Southeast Asian countries would participate.

In September this year, Nelly, who was among the six selected female boxers trained in China ahead of the SEA Games, won the first prize in the women’s national boxing championship held in Nay Pyi Taw.

Similarly, gold medalist Salai Van Ni said that he had worked hard to represent his country in the games but he learned that he was not on the selected list only one day in advance.

He added that the selection process was unfair and discriminatory as friends he knew who got less points during their training sessions were selected.

“I am so disappointed because the selecting board members are showing favouritism and are treating one better than another. I am not really satisfied with the selection process,” he said.

“This is not about ability in sports but about favouritism, and I would like the authorities to know about it. This should never happen again,” complained Salai Van Ni, son of Pu Cung Uk and Pi Cia Sung from Falam, Chin State.

Salai Van Ni, aka Van Ni Lian Uk, had won two medals (one gold, one silver) in the national judo championship before his wrestling career.

Having represented Burma in wrestling in Japan, he had also trained as one of the selected wrestlers for the ongoing SEA Games since last year.

Burma is hosting the 27th SEA Games.#

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