April 17, 2021
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Chin young man drowns in Australia

04 March 2014: Salai Van Nei Luai, 21, drowned while swimming in the Yarra River near Melbourne, Australia yesterday.

The accident happened around 5:30pm Australian Time when Luai and his two Chin friends went out for a swim in the nearby river.

One of his friends said that they saw him drowning and tried their best to rescue him but in vain, according to the Chinland Today Media.

His body is still missing although police and over 50 Chin youths have carried out a thorough search.

Pastor David Ceu, from the Falam Chin Christian Church, said that the search would continue in the morning.

Salai Van Nei Luai, aka Valluai, son of Rev. Thang Hlei Thiam and Pi Zai Kip Nawn, arrived in Australia in November 2011.#

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