April 13, 2021
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Ethnic armed leaders to meet with Union Peace Committee

28 January 2014: Leaders of the ethnic armed groups are set to hold a meeting with the government’s Union Peace-making Work Committee (UPWC) in Chiang Mai, Thailand tomorrow.

Ethnic representatives of the Nationwide Ceasefire Coordinating Team (NCCT) and a government delegation led by Union Minister U Aung Min are expected to discuss issues related to the signing of the upcoming nationwide ceasefire accord.

It is believed that they will exchange views and opinions on the recent agreement reached in Law Khee Lar of Karen State by 17 ethnic armed groups, ahead of the planned Hpa-An peace talks.

Originally scheduled for December last year, the Hpa-An peace talks between the government of Burma and ethnic groups were postponed, first to late this month, then again to February 2014, but no dates have been confirmed.

Dr. Salai Lian Hmung Sakhong, an NCCT member, indicated that both parties needed more time to prepare in an effort to ensure better outcomes from planned meetings in the near future.

The NCCT, formed at the Laiza conference in Kachin State in November last year, will represent its member organizations when dealing with UPCW.

A statement by the Law Khee Lar conference, which took place on 20-25 January this year, said that the ethnic armed groups would work together toward achieving a genuine federal Union of Burma.#

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