April 12, 2021
Chin News

Two Chin families shot, one injured in Indianapolis

07 January 2014: Two separate incidents of gun attack on Chin families in Indianapolis, USA have left one person injured while others in the houses escaped unscathed in the shootings.

The first incident took place at the house of Pu Tial Tin Tai at night last Saturday when a man believed to be of African origin started firing through the front door.

According to media reports in Falam, Tai said that no one had got injured and that the police were conducting an investigation.

In another incident happening around 12:30 last night, James Kei Lian Sum was shot in the face by an unknown black man when he came out to answer a knock on the door of his house.

He is now receiving treatment at New Wishard Hospital.

It is estimated that there are about 10,000 Chins living in Indianapolis, Indiana State.#

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