April 13, 2021
Chin News

21-yr-old Chin killed in car accident in Malaysia

18 December 2013: Chin refugee Mai Hniang Za Hnem died in an accident in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia after the sports car driven by her friend crashed yesterday.

According to the Chinland Today, the accident happened around midnight while Hnem and her three friends were on their way to join other colleagues at a dinner party after work.

Friend and co-worker Sonera Tinpar said that their colleague had invited them to dinner at a restaurant close to their workplace and that she had kept calling her as they had taken quite long.

“Later, the police picked up her phone and told me to come to a hospital. That’s when we learned that they had had an accident,” she said.

Hnem and her friends were reported dead on the scene as their car was ablaze when it crashed into a bank building.

Originally from Zathlir village of Falam Township, Chin State, Mai Hniang Za Hnem, aka Hniang Kuk, was set to fly to the US next week after having been in Malaysia for four years.#

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