April 12, 2021
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Delhi Chin refugees worried as court deals with attempted sexual assault case

13 November 2013: Chin refugee leaders have warned their members to be on the lookout following an accusation that an Indian man had attempted to sexually assault an 8-year-old Chin girl in Delhi.

They said that there could be retaliatory action taken against Chin refugees as the local Indian community had indicated if the case was officially filed.

One of the Chin community leaders said that the local elders had verbally threatened that all the refugees from Burma would be thrown out from the neighborhood should the case be filed against the Indian.

He added: “A group of about 15 elders from the neighborhood asked not to take the case to police. But now that it is taken, everyone is requested to be vigilant when moving around, especially at night.”

According to the Chin Human Rights Organization (CHRO), the police had been informed of the incident and the man, accompanied by the elders, taken to Dabri Police Station for investigation.

“They [elders] persuaded the victim’s family and Chin leaders to withdraw the case saying that the girl was not raped. They also talked to a female police officer to try to make an appeasement,” said the Chin leader.

The officer told the girl’s parents that if the case was withdrawn, the child would be taken away from them and put under the care of relevant services until it was sorted.

The same evening, an official investigation and a medical test were conducted, according to a CHRO staff member.  

The man, who owns an electrical shop in the neighborhood and has known the victim’s family for more than two years, was detained in a lock-up for one week and released on bail.

He was accused of making an attempt to ‘rape’ an 8-year-old Chin girl on 21 October and has since appeared in court twice following the allegation.

The case continues.#

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