April 14, 2021
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6-yr-old Chin contortionist surprised audience in Malaysia

06 November 2013: Par Tha Iang Chin surprised the audience at the Malaysia Chin Christian Youth Fellowship Conference when she performed her ‘unusual’ body-bending skills.  

The 6-year-old girl twisted herself into different shapes in her contortion stunts at the Chin event in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia yesterday.

Vanvan, of the Faiceu Media Group, said that the people were so impressed by her performance that they gave her 145 Malaysian Ringgits as a gift.

When asked about her ambition in life, Par Tha Iang Chin said that she would like to become a very famous professional contortionist.

She added: “If I became rich, I would send money to my grandmother back home.”

Originally from Khampat Town in Sagaing Region, Par Tha Iang Chin, together with her parents Pu Kap Kung, 40, and Pi Dawt Hlei Sung, 29, and her two siblings, arrived in Malaysia in 2011.

Her parents, who work alternate shifts, said that she practiced her stunts on her own in their rented apartment in the Malaysian capital city.

“When I come home in the morning and try to sleep, sometimes I tell her to stop her music and practices. She would shut the door, go to another room and continue,” said her father.

The family had got registered as refugees by the UNHCR in Malaysia yesterday just before Par Tha Iang Chin’s performances at the event.#

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