April 20, 2021
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Chin political parties discuss merger

28 May 2016 – Leaders of three major Chin political parties continued their meeting in Rangoon on 21 May in an effort to seek a merger, an attempt seen as being initiated following their unsuccessful performance in the 2015 general election.

The Chin League for Democracy, Chin National Democratic Party and Chin Progressive Party discussed how they would be able to stand together under a single political party.

They agreed in principle to merge into one political party and to convene further discussion in the near future with three members from each Chin political party in attendance.

Salai Myo Chit, of the Chin National Democratic Party, said that they would make every effort to organize a meeting as inclusive as possible, adding: “I believe everyone will understand each other and participate in unity towards the merger.”

The meeting will strive to find out ways in which all the parties can come together with the aim of merging to form a new party with a different organizational structure having three chairpersons who will serve on a rotational basis.

According to the leaders, their current political parties will be terminated only after a new name is confirmed and officially registered.

The second Rangoon meeting, with the first held on 1 May, was attended by:
1. Zozam, Dai Thung and Salai Myo Chit, of the Chin National Democratic Party
2. No Than Kap and Saw Mya, of the Chin Progressive Party
3. Ngai Sak and Salai Vum Za Piang, aka Salai PP of the Chin League for Democracy.

The attempts by the CNDP and CPP to merge into one party before the general elections last year had not been successful.#

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