April 11, 2021
Chin News

Airport likely to be constructed on Mt. Surbung

16 October 2013: The government of Chin State said during a parliamentary session that construction of a domestic airport on Mount Surbung in Falam Township is on the card.

In response to a question raised by Chin MP Pi Za Tlem, U Myint Aung, of the Chin State Government Office, said that Surbung is the most suitable place for an airport site based on survey studies conducted by a team of engineers and members of the International City Airline Organization.

According to the Chinland Post, he said that detailed plans and designs with budget estimates of 200million Kyats for the 2013-14 project implementation had been submitted to the central government.

“Only if the central government grants permission, can the construction be started and it is planned to be completed in three years,” added Secretary U Myint Aung.

Mount Surbung, previously used as a temporary airfield by the British forces during World War 2, stands at 6,352 feet above sea level, and a runway could stretch up to 4,000 feet in length.#

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