April 18, 2021
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Chin female pastor wins prize for women’s creativity

16 October 2013: Rev. Mai Ki, 38, was awarded the prize for Women’s Creativity in Rural Life by the Women’s World Summit Foundation (WWSF) yesterday, the International Day of Rural Women.

The Christian pastor of the Mara Evangelical Church (MEC) in Burma received the award for her humanitarian work in tackling poverty and food shortages in Chin State, the least developed in the country.

She said in the Ekklesia news that God was answering the prayers of believers in Burma, adding: “As a rural woman, wherever I go I see people having hope and trusting each other. We don’t have change yet, but in our hearts, we do.”

After obtaining a master’s degree in Theology in India, she returned to Chin State and founded the Rural Women Empowerment Program in 2006.

Describing her works in the profile, WWSF said she has many life-changing social interventions with the program focusing on issues ranging from income generation to infrastructure building.

“This included the creation of 36 borrowing self-help groups in 15 villages to support women in their rural education and family committees.”

Her mission also involves ‘strengthening the weak’ through empowerment including people with disabilities and educating children as a key foundation stone for development.

In 2012, Rev. Mai Ki, the first female ordained minister of MEC, was named one of Tearfund’s Inspired Individuals.

Born to Pu Seko (the late) and Pi Ngomai in a Mara village of Chin State, she is married and has three children.

Established in 1994, WWSF has awarded 395 prizes in over 120 countries, honouring women for their contributions toward improving the quality of life in rural communities.#

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