April 13, 2021
Ethnic News

Hundreds of villages affected by floods in Karen State

08 October 2013: Nearly 800 villages in Dooplaya District, Karen State have been affected by floods, the Free Burma Rangers reported.

It said heavy rainfall at the end of July 2013 had triggered extensive flooding destroying homes, rice fields and causing many to relocate to other locations.

About 5,255 acres had been damaged or destroyed by flooding in Kawkariek Township, it added.

In the Palu area of Min Lae Pan Village, 170 households fled from rising waters, taking shelter in a monastery, where over 600 displaced villagers from all over Dooplaya District are taking refuge.

FBR teams that have provided aid for hundreds of victims said that the destruction of roads, homes and fields had greatly limited transportation capabilities, complicating the transfer of medical patients to hospitals.

“The people of Dooplaya District, Karen State are in need of shelter, food, and medical care,” said the teams.#

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