April 13, 2021
Chin News

Chin tomatoes and petai beans in increasing demand

23 September 2013: Recent years have seen a sharp rise in demand for tomatoes and petai beans, aka twisted cluster beans or stink beans, from Chin State.

Traders from Tahan, Kalay Town of Sagaing Region, said these crops were transported to markets in Kalay, Tamu and Gangaw.

Chin State tomatoes are mostly exported from villages in Falam Township and petai beans, locally known as zawngtah, from Thantlang and Hakha Townships.

A Thantlang resident said: “We have an increasing number of customers buying zawngtah. Some would make a full payment for the zawngtah trees in advance.”

“They would pay at least 400,000 Kyats per tree. We are told that they are exported to India and China,” said the local subsistence farmer.

Sources claim that the petai bean is found in Burma, northeastern India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Laos and southern Thailand.#

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