April 18, 2021
Chin News

Heavy rains destroyed water storage, road in Matupi

20 August 2013: Flash floods caused by heavy rains brought a water storage to destruction in Matupi town, Chin State at night last Thursday.

The concrete storage which provides drinking water to the Chin town is completely damaged, according to the locals.

“This storage was built collectively by the people here as we have water issues every year. It is a big problem for us now,” said one of the Matupi community leaders.

Residents in Matupi blamed lack of proper drainage system in the town and an undisciplined dumping of waste into roadside ditches.

It is claimed that members of the local authorities visited the site the following day and said necessary actions would be taken after holding a meeting at the town administration office.

One of the main roads leading toward Mindat is also damaged by heavy landslides, according to the Hakha Post.

Situated over 3,560 ft above sea level in southern Chin State, Matupi is the biggest town in Matupi township, with an estimated population of over 10,000.#

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