April 13, 2021
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Chin bodybuilder deselected for SEA Games

14 December 2013: Salai Kyaw Min, a gold medallist Chin bodybuilder, has emerged as another victim of the ‘unfair’ selection process for the 27th SEA Games.

He said in the Chin World Media that he was deselected for no obvious reason from the list on 23 November for the bodybuilding competition scheduled to take place on 13 and 14 December.

He added: “I have a body weight of 80kg and am the only one to represent our country in that class. As one of the selected contestants, I had trained over the past year in preparation for this event.”

“At first, Min Zaw Oo, who weighs 76kg, was advised to reduce 4kg so that he could compete in the 70kg weight class. And two selected contestants of weight 70kg were straight away removed from the list.”

“When a central committee from Singapore came for inspection, he hadn’t managed to reduce his weight and was told to compete in the 80kg. So, I was removed from the list and Min Zaw Oo, over aged 40, was put forward. Now that I am off the list, one of the two deselected from the 70kg list is re-selected.”

Salai Kyaw Min complained that he was not satisfied with the way in which contestants were selected, adding: “The one [Min Zaw Oo] who is competing in my place always loses to me in our competitions.”

Originally from Matupi Township, Chin State, the Chin bodybuilder, who had won a gold medal in the national bodybuilding contest, runs his private gym.

Meanwhile, Pau Sian Sang, aka Phyo Ko Ko Thein, a footballer from the Chin United Football Club, had been excluded from the final 23 selected for the SEA Games.

Other Chin athletes have voiced their disappointment over the ‘unfair’ selection process.#

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