April 13, 2021

Chin Food Aid Concert To Be Held In San Francisco

06 November, 2009: The third in a series of Chin Food Aid Concerts is to take place in San Fransciso today after the second was successfully held with more than 400 supporters in Battle Creek, Michigan State last Saturday.
The concert designed to directly benefit the victims of food crisis in western Burma has been organised by Chin Communities in the US. Chin artists Sung Tin Par, Dawt Hlei Hniang, Solomon Menrihai, and Switzerland-based Salai Tawna have been voluntarily performing during the US tour.

Well-known singer from India’s Mizoram, Mimi Lalzamliani, is said to have not been able to perform in the US concerts.

The concert held in Battle Creek was officially commenced with a short presentation on food crisis in Chin State, Burma. Salai Elaisa Vahnie, Coordinator of the concerts, said in his message: “We have convinced ourselves that mautam crisis is a problem that our people, as a nation, need to step in and get involved in solving together. This is a national crisis. Therefore, we must continue to work together under a joint and collective effort to help our people back home.”

When asked why other Chin famous artists are not included in the ongoing tour in USA, the Coordinator said: “We began the concert from Asia where Chin Singers such as Zamnu, Sangpi and Malsawmtluangi (SP) all had volunteered. This time in the US, besides these five performers, we also invited Thun Kham and Kyo Kyar. However, they could not join with us due to their personal matters.”

As part of Global Campaign against Starvation in Chin State, international awareness and fund raising concerts have been organized in Asia, Australia, Europe and USA to benefit an estimated100,000 Chin victims severely affected by the ongoing famine-like food crisis locally called Mautam, caused by bamboo-and-rat-related a-once-in-fifty-year phenomenon.

The next concert is set to take place in Los Angeles, Californa on 14 November, which will be followed by another two in Indianapolis, Indiana on 20-21 November and in Washington DC on 27 November.

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