April 11, 2021

Chin Singer Won MRTV’s First Prize

15 January 2010 (Chinland Guardian): A rising Chin singer Ms. Tin Khan Cing won the first prize of MRTV’s nationwide singing contest in Burma last Thursday, according to Zogamnuam.com.

The Tedim-Chin singer has been hailed for her singing talents and achievement in a singing competition organised by Myanmar Radio and Television (MRTV).

MRTV, formerly known as Burma Broadcasting Service (BBS), held its nationwide singing competition entitled ‘Gitah takhalay phwinpa Oo’, contested by aspiring singers from public auditions.

Out of many contestants, a panel of judges, which included Burma’s famous songwriters and singers, selected 30 most talented singers, who were then further split into a group of five.

Ms Khan Cing, a third year medical student, was awarded prizes including 108,000 Kyats.

The MRTV’s singing competition, which was held at MICT Park, Rangoon, is said to be aired in its national television programmes soon.

Myanmar Radio and Television (MRTV), first introduced in 1981 as the first television channel, is the parent of state-run Myanmar Radio National Service, and three television channels TV Myanmar, MRTV-3 and MRTV-4.

Van Biak Thang and Cung Luai
[email protected]

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