April 12, 2021

US Reaffirms Support for Tripartite Dialogue

4 November 2009: Concluding a two-day fact-finding visit to Burma today, the United States reaffirmed its commitment to a three-party dialogue among the ruling military junta, the opposition and the ethnic groups.

“The goal of such a dialogue would be national reconciliation and a fully inclusive political process in Burma.”

In a press release issued by the US Embassy on Wednesday, which was read out to reporters at the Ragoon Airport, Assistant Secretary of State for Asia and Pacific Kurt Campbell also reiterated the United States’ ‘strong support for human rights, the release of Aung San Suu Kyi and all political prisoners, and the pursuit of democratic reform’ in Burma.

The US envoy didn’t take questions from reporters or elaborate on details of the discussions he had with various stake-holders during his two-day visit.

Mr. Campbell described his visit as ‘exploratory’ in nature designed to explain the key stake-holders of the results of US policy review toward Burma.

Washington announced a review of its Burma policy in February following contentions that sanctions and isolation had failed to achieve their intended results. The review was completed in September with the United States announcing that it will pursue the policy of both ‘sanctions and engagement’ toward Burma.

The visit represents the first of what is expected to be “a long, slow, painful and step-by-step process.’

The US said it is ready to improve its relationship with Burma but warned that the military junta must take reciprocal action by showing ‘concrete efforts’ towards political reform.

In an apparent reference to concerns about Burma nuclear ambitions, the US envoy reminded the need to adhere to UN resolutions regarding proliferation.

Apart from meeting with Burmese Prime Minister, Information Minister, Science and Technology Minister, the US delegation held meetings with Aung San Suu Kyi and representatives of ethnic nationalities during its two-day visit to the southeast Asian country.

Chinland Guardian

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