April 14, 2021

ZBC Thanked Churches and Communities For Relief Aids To Chin Victims

04 June 2009: In its 2008-09 financial report, Zomi Baptist Convention (ZBC) acknowledged the contributions of Chin churches and communities worldwide to Chin victims of bamboo-and-rat-related food crisis, which has been ravaging since late 2006.

A total of 46 million kyats has been contributed in the year 2008-09 by churches and communities including Melbourne Chin Church and Melbourne Chin Community in Australia, Norway Chin Christian Fellowship, Canada Chin Christian Fellowship, Chin Baptist Fellowship of America, Chin Evangelical Baptist Church in Indiana, Chin Christian Fellowship in South Korea, and Norway Baptist Union.

General Secretary of ZBC, Rev. M. Thawng Kam, said: “We thank you all for your kind contributions. All the relief aids have been delivered to the victims through the responsible associations after the relief committee discussed and made decisions based on the situation in each area.”

An email report sent this week by ZBC General Secretary said a total of 17 associations, namely Mara, Paletwa, Kalay, Falam, Kanpalet, Mindat, Matu, Hakha, Lairawn, Gangaw, Zotung, Tedim, Zo, Thado, Sami, Zophei and Thantlang, has received relief aids of 45,350,000 kyats.

Meanwhile, Chin villagers in Thantlang township are said to be sowing for the second time on their farms as the seeds sown earlier this year are destroyed by rats and not growing due to lack of rain.

The report also confirmed that the food crisis, known as mautam, has not stopped as bamboos are still flowering in Paletwa township of Chin State. With relief aids and assistance from NGOs and international organisations, some victims are doing much better whereas others in remote areas are still struggling for their day-to-day survivals.

ZBC has been actively engaged in implementing a permanent and sustainable system of farming called ‘Sloping Agricultural Land Technology (SALT)’ and putting enormous efforts in environment preservation and protection throughout Chin State where a slash-and-burn shifting farming has been practised for years, which destroys forests and makes the soil barren.

The Zomi Baptist Convention urges Chin churches, communities and individuals for providing assistance to many children who, after being forced by the devastating famine-like situation, have no choice but to quit schools.

Van Biak Thang

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