April 13, 2021

Chin Villagers In Fear of Forced Portering By SPDC


The Chin people of Ramri and nearby villages feared that they could be dragged at any time to serve as forced porters by SPDC’s soldiers following a gun fight between the SPDC’s troop and CNA (Chin National Army) in Paletwa Township of Chin State last week, sources unveiled.

The local villagers were reportedly said to have avoided travelling near the region where one of the SPDC’s soldiers was killed and another seriously injured in the five-minute clash on 16 September 2008.
“We have heard that people around the villages where the clash took place are afraid of travelling but we don’t get any information about the roads being blocked and the villagers being forced as military porters so far,” Paul Sitha of CNF (Chin National Front) told Chinland Guardian.
The gun battle broke out when about 30 SPDC’s LIB (55) soldiers of Shinletwa Military Camp and 7 CNA cadres of Battalion (3) led by column commander Sgt. Sabuh encountered near the entrance of the Ramri village around 6:00 am in the morning.
In February this year, a CNA soldier was killed when the SPDC’s soldiers attacked a CNA hideout near Zokhua village in Hakha Township, according to Khonumthung News.
Paletwa is one of the most famine-affected townships in Chin State where the SPDC-ignored food crisis has been severely ravaging since 2006.
Chin National Army is an armed wing of Chin National Front (CNF), a member of the National Council of the Union of Burma (NCUB). The Chin National Front was formed on 20 March, 1988, dedicated to securing the self-determination of the Chin people and establishing federal Union of Burma based on democracy and freedom.

Van Biak Thang
27 September 2008

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