April 11, 2021

Chin Man Executed by Indian Rebels as Burma Gives them Sanctuary

11 March 2009 – Aizawl: A Chin villager was summarily executed by Indian rebels for suspicion of being an informer for the Indian security forces, a local Chin villager whose name is held anonymous informed Chinland Guardian yesterday.

A section of patrol column belonging to the People Liberation Army (PLA) of India ’s northeastern state Manipur, which has been recently actively operating inside northern Chin State of Burma , was accused of committing the summary killing of Kam Sian Muan, a villager of Tongchin belonging to the Cikkha Sub-Township .

The victim was described by an informed villager as an ordinary local person who is trying making a living to support his family by making trips to bordering Indian States such as Manipur and Mizoram, carrying basic medical supplies from India to his village in Chin State . The victim was reportedly taken away out of his village and executed without ascertaining his alleged role in spying for Indian security forces.

The body of Kam Sian Muan was reportedly buried “improperly” in a one-foot-deep grave near Vaivet village after having been shot to dead by the members of India ’s PLA group.

A request made to the Cikkha Sub-Township police station by the headman of the village to which the murdered victim belonged to exhume the body and to rebury according to Chin tradition has not been granted as of date.

The local informer quoted the Village headman as saying “we do not have the power to do anything against these people [PLA members]; they all have Burmese citizenship cards.”

According to an April 27 report by the Democratic Voice of Burma (DVB),  members of the Burmese Army has been conducting joint patrol with Indian rebels along the two countries borders.  The DVB quoted a spokesperson of the Zomi Human Rights Foundation (ZHRF), an organization monitoring human rights situations in that area, as saying that rebels from India have entered Chin village and commit human rights abuses with the Burmese military tolerating them.

According to a villager, armed members from Indian separatist rebel People Liberation Army enters northern Chin villages on a monthly basis, who said that they have permission from the Burma Army to conduct security operations in the area. The villages include Lingthuk, Tuimui, Tuimang, Vaivet, Haicin in northern Chin State .

“Members of these groups regularly demand unpaid porter service and forced labor from people in the area including school children, just like the Burmese army, and they beat up people in the village for no reason. And that is ongoing on a monthly basis” a local villager said.

Since 2003, the Burma Army has reportedly allowed members of Indian separatist groups to freely operate within Burmese soils by letting them establish a base camp near Phai Sat Village, 20 miles east of Cikkha Sub-Town.  Members of separatist rebels from India’s Manipur State have been openly visiting and camping at Burmese military base at Cikkha, as well as the military intelligence office at Tonzang Town on a weekly basis, according to an informed local villager.

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