April 12, 2021

Chin leader Spoke As Panellist In A Discussion: Is Burma in transition?

In a debate entitled ‘Is Burma in transition?’, a prominent Chin political figure and human rights activist Victor Biak Lian of ENC (Ethnic Nationalities Council) last Sunday spoke as a member of the panel in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

The event with a motto reading ‘Raise your voice for a free Burma’ was organised on 5 October by the Burma Center Netherlands with more than 30 active participants. The programme included photo and video exhibitions on Burma.
“Broadly speaking, Burma is not seen in a transition state yet. Even though Burma’s ‘Roadmap’ by SPDC can not be stopped, we should not stop making our voice against the junta’s surreptitious moves,” Victor Biak Lian told Chinland Guardian.
On the day that marked the 20th anniversary of his political life in exile, he also talked about the position and views of ENC, entrusted with the task of fostering unity and cooperation between all ethnic nationalities in preparation for a ‘Tripartite Dialogue” and a transition to democracy. His highlights included the importance of convincing China and India in Burma’s matters.
En route to the Netherlands, Victor Biak Lian attended the first session of the Expert Mechanism on the Rights of the Indigenous Peoples held at the United Nations Office in Geneva, Switzerland from 1 to 3 October.
The Burma Center Netherlands is an independent foundation that aims to inform the Dutch society on developments in Burma and to initiate and coordinate activities that benefit democratization and sustainable development. BCN also aims to contribute to a constructive dialogue between the various groups in Burma.


Van Biak Thang
07 October, 2008

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