April 13, 2021

Chin and Kachin In Historical Reunion In Chin State

A total of 53 Kachin pastors made a historical trip to Chin State last month, saying they were paying a brotherly visit to the Chin people as histories claimed the Chin are the elder of the two.

The Chin people welcomed their visit with traditional dances, songs and music, and in a locally-practiced reception called hawikomhnak, meaning social fellowship or thereabout.
Rev. Labya Paul Naw Tawng, General Secretary of Kachin Baptist Covention, said: “Whenever we have traditional festivals, we always put a chunk of meat aside for our elder brothers, the Chin who will, we believe according to our traditional story, come back to us one day.”
The Kachin pastors visited Thantlang, Hakha, Falam and Kalay towns after attending Myanmar Baptist Convention Ministers Consultation held in Hakha, the capital of Chin State on 20-23 November, 2008.
The Chin are invited to Manaw festival, one of the most popular Kachin festivals in Burma, which is usually held in January. It is a celebration of New Year, victory in battles and reunion of the tribes, where everyone joins the spiritual dance lined up behind one another.
It is said that this is the third time the Kachin and Chin have had a brotherly visit and historical reunion. 
Van Biak Thang
06 December, 2008

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