April 13, 2021

President Of Myanmar Baptist Convention Hospitalised In Singapore

President of Myanmar Baptist Convention (MBC), Rev. Dr. Sang Awr has been receiving medical treatments of cancer at Johns Hopkins Singapore International Medical Centre in Singapore starting from yesterday, the family revealed this morning.

Senior pastor of Lai Baptist Church, Yangon, who was admitted first to Singapore General Hospital in early February, 2008, is confirmed to have had bone cancer after undergoing various check-ups including CT (Computerised Tomography) and bone scannings. It is not exactly known where the virus has spread from and into the bone but is believed to be connected with his previous stomach cancer.
Awr, a former professor of Myanmar Institute of Theology (MIT, Yangon), 66, is scheduled to take treatments twice a week for three weeks although doctors do not guarantee full recovery in this kind of patient’s condition.
“We have seen him making improvement physically after the first of six treatments for stomach cancer. It is very important that he makes positive responses to the medication. We really need your earnest prayers for that,” the family told Chinland Guardian.
A lawyer-turned-pastor who retired in 2006 as Vice President of MIT, Yangon was diagnosed with stomach cancer five years ago. He has been looked after by his wife, who flew in from Myanmar (formerly Burma) last week and his two sons at Johns Hopkins Singapore (JHS) established by The Johns Hopkins University in 1998 as its base of medical operations in South East Asia.
Rev. Dr. Sang Awr, who authors more than 13 religious books, has served as President of MBC since 2006. The Myanmar Baptist Convention was formed in 1865 and is the largest Christian organisation in Myanmar.

Van Biak Thang
07 March, 2008

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