April 12, 2021

Chin Christian Fellowship In Denmark Held Its 4th Annual Conference Successfully

The fourth annual conference organised and hosted by Denmark Chin Christian Fellowship (DCCF) ended successfully on Sunday, last week. It was held from 13th July to 15th July, 2007 in Ribe, the oldest town of Denmark , in the southwest Jutland .
Nearly 500 people including more than 20 fellow Chins from Germany , Norway and former General Secretary of Zomi Baptist Convention, Rev. Dr. Chum Awi and his wife from the US joined the conference. “We have been blessed to have had this great opportunity. This is the only time in a year we, all the Chins from different parts of Denmark , can come, meet and praise the Lord together. This year we are very happy that we have some fellow Chins from other countries participating with us,” said Pu Sang Nawl, chairman of DCCF.
“We also had time to discuss about various issues concerning religious, social, educational and literary movements for the Chins in Denmark for the future. It really went well and as a result, we achieved better than we expected,” added Pu Sang Nawl as he thanked all the participants for their respective contributions to the success of the conference.
The fifth DCCF’s annual conference will be held in Bornholm, an island in the east of Denmark in July, 2008.
As of June, 2007, there are about 520 Chins currently living in Denmark . Most of them came as refugees on UNHCR’s resettlement programs mainly from Malaysia , Thailand and India .
DCCF was established as a parent body responsible for looking after nine different areas across Denmark where the Chins have worship services in their own language.
Van Biak Thang
19 July, 2007

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